BCB Mastermind Day 1

by Darell Bester

Buddy log-June 23, 2022 11:11pm

Black excellence was on full display today and it was only day 1! I am very humbled first of all to be accepted into such a powerful and courageous group of BIPOC's shooting their shot to make it in the cannabis market. The Black CannaBusiness Mastermind Ceo Intensive Cohort is just that, intensive. 

Our lead instructors are two passionate young men who have navigated the dark spaces of cannabis and have managed to cause ripples in a pond dominated by our white counterparts. Fighting for a cause, equality and fairness for people of color in cannabis is not an easy task. So, to watch Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Hughes teach us how to find our fifth note in the midst of chaos, is worth me checking my ego.

I get the sense that all of us in this cohort will leave better prepared to run our respective companies. I am anxious to see how we will all look in the cannabis space in a few years. The valuable lessons we are going to obtain from people operating in the real world of cannabis is priceless!

As a ceo, you will have to learn how to remain calm under pressure. Hasty decisions can lead to irreversible choices. Inputs and outcomes formed through life experiences, these gentleman have managed to become one note while producing blended harmonies. These are just a few of the dimes they dropped on us and as I stated earlier, this was just day 1.